evil elf on a shelf and a dead teddy bear

3D Imaging

Uni 3D imaging major assignment submission.

3D Imaging

No external assets were permitted for this course. This meant modelling, texturing, and lighting everything from scratch, including background details such as the candle, books, etc.

Textures were photos of various materials around me taken with the Canon 700d, or otherwise procedural. Models and final scene were created and rendered in Blender.

Deddy Bear

zoomed teddy bear render full teddy bear render The fluff was created with Blender’s particle system and volumetrics.

Felf on a Shelf

evil elf render evil elf cropped render The knife reflection was a separate cropped render with a different elf pose, for later compositing.

The Elf’s Knife

knife render


nutcracker render

Christmas Tree

christmas tree render The tree and lights was created in Geometry Nodes, with procedural materials. christmas tree render This system allowed for dramatic changes in the tree’s appearance with minimal effort.

Putting it all Together

final christmas scene render