Yougle Search

GMTK Game Jam: Yougle Search

GMTK Game Jam 2023 entry.

Play the game here, it just runs in your browser! Collaboration with Soda3x for the 2023 GMTK Game Jam.

The theme for this game jam was “Roles Reversed”. This was our first game jam and the theme was tough but we came up with this idea.

What if Google searched for you? What if you delivered parcels for Amazon instead of them delivering for you?

You play as a mouse cursor and you need to avoid getting caught by the Yougle spotlights while doing Amazone deliveries.

  1. If you run out of time:
    • It’s game over.
  2. If you’re found by Yougle:
    • Game over.
  3. If you fall off the edge, guess what?
    • Game over.

No assets were used, everything was made by us :)